Girls Basketball: Leading a Legacy


Photos used with permission from Audrey Parpart. Artwork created by Morgan Paulson.

Morgan Paulson, Reporter

Last season, the Lodi girls basketball team was led by eight seniors. Although the season may not have gone as well as they had hoped after a regional championship the year prior, they worked very hard. This season was going to be no different. The girls were eager to redeem themselves, although this time being led by only two seniors.

Leadership changes are always an obstacle for any team, but the Blue Devils were up to the challenge. The two seniors, Abby Haas and Jamesen Thieren, took what they had seen the seniors do last year and adapted it to fit their own leadership styles.

“Last year, you were scared to do something because you didn’t want to get yelled at. This year, I feel like we’re more fun,” Thieren said.

This new way of leading has obviously changed the dynamic of the team. Younger girls are stepping up to give direction to the team, and all of them get along great both on and off the court, as everyone contributes something to the team and has more opportunities to make their mark.

“More juniors are taking on leadership roles. Everyone’s a leader in their own way,” Haas said.

The girls started out their season with a win against River Valley, but then ran into a few tough teams that delivered them some hard losses. But the girls received a big break in a tournament on December 29th, where they were able to shut down their competition. The team is hoping to learn from past games, work hard, and pull out some more wins.

“We want to have a few more conference wins. Also, play well–don’t just have bad games and keep having them, but learn from them,” Haas said. Thieren explained that one of their other goals is to “not be last in the conference.”

Everyone is hoping that the girls can pull this off and is excited to see what else the team is capable of. I wish them the best of luck. Make sure to go support them as they continue their season and show your Lodi Pride!

“Keep showing up to games–the fans help. Bring the energy!” Haas concluded.