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Florida’s Controversial Ban

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Here at Lodi High School, the Advanced Placement Psychology course is extremely popular with many classes every year. Have you taken it yourself? How would you feel if, all of a sudden, you were no longer able to take it? Well, that’s what happened in Florida. Due to the controversy surrounding the “don’t say gay” law in Florida, all schools in the state have removed the course from the 2023–2024 school year, and it won’t be reinstated for the foreseeable future.

The AP Psychology course was removed because in the state of Florida, schools are not allowed to teach gender and sexual orientation. AP said that this information is a necessary part of the course and will not allow schools to teach the course without teaching these topics. AP believes that students need to learn this information in order to take the AP Psychology exam. AP Psychology teacher Mr. Hauser had a few thoughts about just how vital this information is to the course.

“I think the awareness of [the controversial topics] is important,” Hauser said. “I think it’s important to understand human behavior.”

Similarly, junior Natalie Kelly, a future AP Psychology student, said, “It’s important that we learn all about the information and AP Psychology.”

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He believes there is always a chance this could spread to another state. However, that is unlikely because these types of situations are based on the political leaders in your state and the political leaders in the country.

“We, the people, put them in the position,” Hauser said.

This class is one that many students look forward to taking their junior or senior year and a class that many enjoy. This class benefits students in many ways. I talked to Kelly about the effect a ban like this would have on her here at Lodi High School.

Kelly said, “I think that it would restrict my future education outside of Lodi due to the fact that I would like to major in psychology.”

Not only did Kelley feel that this would put a limit on her education, but she has also been interested in taking this class throughout high school.

Kelly said, “I’m looking forward to it a lot. I think it’s very important for future students.”

Many other students agree with Kelly and also say that this class is one they look forward to. Putting this limitation on classes changes the knowledge and thought process of a student. This is an advanced placement class that prepares students for college and gives them a head start. Students find lots of enjoyment in taking this class, and many find it extremely helpful for future education, careers, and lives. Many students also say that this class is one they look forward to. Classes students have to take should be balanced out with classes students want to take, Psychology is one of those courses.

Junior Bailey Franklin, who is currently taking AP Psychology, said, “AP Psych teaches value and respect to everyone.”

As we can see, the AP psychology class is very important to many students, and they feel it has a big impact on them and their school career. While this information is important to the class, should it be taught without it? Should it be taught at all? What do you think?

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