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Stanleys: Are They Worth the Craze?

Madison McMorris
Black Stanley Cup

Stanleys are the viral water bottles that have taken the nation by storm. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors, Stanleys are double-wall insulated cups meant to fit in your cup holder while still holding a ton of water to keep you hydrated for the day. While most people consider this just a new trend, Stanley has been around for 100+ years. Founded by William Stanley Jr. in 1913, he fused vacuum seals and steel together, creating a portable water bottle. But are they worth the craze? 

It is a known fact that the Stanleys are very controversial. They went viral for their ability to carry so much water, and the shape can fit in a car cup holder. Their cool and fun colors made them increasingly desirable. On the downside, they would leak fairly often.

Sophomore Sophie Himes was interviewed and said that she loves her Stanley because when she puts ice in it, it will stay in it. She said she loves the fact that every time she refills her Stanley, it will always be refreshing with ice. 

On the other hand, junior Adrianna Gonzalez said, “I think they’re too expensive for just being a water bottle.” Gonzalez said if she could price Stanleys, she would charge $20 at most. 

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Junior Keyton Lord agreed and very much did not like the Stanleys. When asked what he would price them, he said he would only pay a dollar. He said he did not like the color, shape, or design of the water bottle, calling it ugly.

The last interview was with sophomore Kenny Taylor. When asked why he loves his Stanley, Taylor said, “Oh yes, I love my Stanley because I can fill it up with water, the ice stays in it, and I can refill it multiple times with refreshing water. Water just tastes better in a Stanley.” 

In the end, the Stanley water bottle will remain controversial until it’s over and the next fancy water bottle comes along.

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Madison McMorris is a sophomore at Lodi High School. This is her first year in Writing for Publication. She loves to take part in everything and to be creative.