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The Navigators

Keyton Lord
Navigators Team Poster

You go to the high school hockey game, and they just scored a goal. The crowd is screaming. It was the game-winning shot. They are jumping with joy. Well, this team is called the South Central Navigators. They are the high school co-op hockey team for Lodi and more schools.

Why do these players want to be in hockey? Junior Nick Rentmeister said, “My mom taught us and brought us to skate lessons when we were like five because she’d like to skate. And then we kind of just stuck with it as our primary sport throughout our youth.”

Junior Logun Meyer said, “I watched it when I was a kid, and I just wanted to do this sport. So I just did it.”

Why did the South Central Navigators become a co-op? Athletic director Sue Meffert said, “We’ve always been part of a co-op because we don’t have enough players to support our hockey team or program on our own, as well as any of the other schools within the program that are currently co-op. So by all the schools getting together, we can provide opportunities for the kids to play hockey from all the different school districts.”

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How will they do next season? Rentmeister said, “Pretty good. I’m looking forward to it. We’re going to have a lot of seniors next year.” The team is ready for the next season!

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Keyton Lord
Keyton Lord is a junior at Lodi High School. This is his first year taking this class.