Ladies of the Office


Photo taken by: Morgan Paulson

Morgan Paulson, Reporter

How often do you express gratitude to the office staff? Whatever your answer, it is not enough. Every time you enter our front office, you are welcomed by the lovely Mrs. Treinen, Mrs. Cunningham, and Mrs. Werderits. They provide assistance to countless students, parents, and staff members every single day. Yet, I rarely hear anyone appreciate them. It’s time to change that.

Many people believe their role is limited to answering phone calls and writing passes, but they contribute much more. In the words of Mr. Marshall, “They run the school.” Their work is ceaseless. Even during an interview, Mrs. Treinen assisted two members of the public. In fact, Mrs. Treinen arrives at school before six in the morning to start the day and prepare coffee for Mr. Jelinek. When you encounter a cheerful principal in the morning, you know whom to thank.

“We answer the phones, take temperatures, take care of attendance, and send out transcripts. Some of us do work for Mr. Jelinek, and some do athletic work. We also work with the public,” Treinen said.

Their job must be incredibly stressful, considering the multitude of responsibilities they handle each day. Yet, they are always up for the challenge and never complain.

“Sometimes it’s easy to get a little bit anxious. But I enjoy the juggling of things. That’s what keeps me hopping—that I might be taking a temperature one moment but then talking to a community member the next,” Treinen said.

All of them are always so positive. But how often are people returning that positivity?

“We are told thank you by staff all the time. Students on occasion. We do remind them, and then they’ll quickly say thank you,” Mrs. Treinen said.

Not only do the office staff not get told thank you enough, in my opinion, but they also have to deal with kids who never come to the office when they’re called. They have some friendly reminders and warnings to give to students.

“You are not always in trouble. A lot of times, you get mail or a note from a parent, or a parent drops something off. But if it is mail and we have called you more than two times, we pitch the mail. We are calling you for a reason!” Treinen said.

So, when you’re called to the office, make sure to go. Also, next time you are helped in any way by any of the office staff, make sure to say thank you! It’s a simple gesture that is not only well deserved but also greatly appreciated. Who knows, perhaps they’ll reciprocate with a kind act like excusing a tardy or giving you a birthday gift, though I must clarify that I’m not bribing you to be nice to the office staff—they will not do either of these things for you (apologies for any confusion).