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The Start to the NBA

shared via creative commons
shared via creative commons

The NBA Season has begun, and there have already been numerous games played as we approach the new year. There are many new players with data and even a brand-new in-game competition. Diverse viewpoints exist regarding the in-season tournament, a new feature that was implemented this season.

“Honestly the concept, I guess I’m here for it. But I don’t know how much of the hype is actually going to fill up. But it’s going pretty well,” said junior Kyle Hoffman. “Yeah, the courts are awful, though. But I’ve tuned in for a few games, I’ve definitely liked that. The team still has to get more points at the end of games rather than just like, ‘Hey, it’s a blowout.’ Let’s stop where the player teams are actually fighting for more points. I like that.”

Junior Tyler Oberling has a different opinion about the season and courts: “I like it. I didn’t think it was going to be good because I didn’t think any of the players would actually try to win to get a good seed out of it or anything. I think the only really the only real bonus they get is like $500,000, which to these guys is nothing.”

Hoffman added, “Observing has been a lot of joy. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the playoffs. Thus far, I’ve found it enjoyable.”

Hoffman and Oberling shared their thoughts about who would win Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Rookie of the Year (ROTY). Oberling bets that the Rookie of the Year award will go to Victor Wembanyamai, and he will be the unanimous pick after being the consensus top draft choice this year. 

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Hoffman disagreed. “I don’t think it will be unanimous at all. Because let’s look at Scott Henderson–he’s out. Brandon Miller–he wiped us out because he might get third. I mean, Jeremy Walker says he’ll be on the all-rookie team. But I think Chet Holmgren might even have a better season than Victor because of the team that’s around him. Because with Chet, he has so many other scores.”

Given that the season is still young and that injuries, trades, and other events can occur at any time, Hoffman makes a number of valid concerns. However, in comparison to the MVP, Rookie of the Year is a minor topic. 

Oberling said, “I think like Luca, he’s gonna get the shot at times. He’s gonna have the opportunities. Luca is gonna put up Luca numbers, it just depends on how well the maps do. Right now. I think a safe pick is Jokić, you know, I think that’s always a safe pick. He’s gonna give you a 30 point triple double.” He believes Derek Lively could be a great player.

Living in Wisconsin, the Bucks are Hoffman’s and Oberling’s favorite team, and they discussed their predictions for the upcoming Bucks season.

“They had a slow start adjusting to Damian and Giannis playing together. Both seemed passive initially, deferring to each other. Now, they’ve found their groove. Our defense has suffered, dropping to mid-tier without Jrue Holiday, but Damian’s offensive contribution makes up for it,” said Oberling.

The NBA season has just kicked off, and while the games so far have given a taste of the action, the full story is yet to unfold. As the teams find their rhythm and players settle into their roles, we’re reminded that the true test of their grit and talent is a marathon, not a sprint. Predictions may abound, but ultimately, only time will reveal the twists and turns that lie ahead in this basketball saga.

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Dylan Ness is a junior at LHS. He is a writer, reporter, and yearbook staff member. This is his first year taking this class.