Restaurants for Any Occasion

photo from creative commons

Jade Homewood, Editor

Trying to decide where to eat for various occasions can be a struggle. Whether it’s a school dance, a birthday, or another occasion, some students have made recommendations for you.

Senior Ava Heller attended prom last year and dined at the Vintage. She ordered the pasta and gave it a rating of 5/10. When asked about her choice and rating, she simply stated, “Because it was yummy.”

Junior Annie Etlicher also visited the Vintage and tried the chicken bacon ranch wrap, rating it an 8/10. She mentioned, “It was really good but filling. I would recommend it because it was close by in Sauk and the food was good.”

Another popular spot is Buck and Honey’s. Junior Noah Houdek visited the restaurant last year and ordered the stuffed chicken breast, rating it 7/10. Noah described Buck and Honey’s as “a restaurant that is fun to go to with friends.”

If you’re craving Mexican food, a local option is Casa Luna in Lodi on Main Street. For pizza and breadsticks, you can try Log Tavern. Regardless of the occasion, there is always a good place to eat!