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Fear: Tradition or Trouble?

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Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping more than fear, and this annual Nerf game really lives up to its name. Lodi Fear is an annual Nerf game that’s been going on for nearly a decade where high school students participate in the spring. The way to play is for the students to create teams and play against each other in a battle royal, using Nerf guns as their weapons. Over time, students will be eliminated one by one, and the last team standing will be declared the winner.

Overall, Fear is a game that a majority of the students here enjoy, whether they are participating in it or not; however, others disagree. Many of our teachers, parents, and other Lodi civilians in general find Fear to be violent, disrespectful, and dangerous. Many residents in Lodi are unaware of this game and get startled by seeing teenagers on their lawns with Nerf guns in hand. In the past, there have also been reports of Fear players vandalizing property and trespassing on private property. Lodi High School has expressed their concerns for the safety and respectability of the students here.

Finding a middle ground between enthusiastic students and wary adults remains a challenge. The school sent out an email to parents and students regarding the game, expressing their discomfort with students engaging in unethical behavior. In the letter, it stated, “I am not out to ruin students having fun and enjoying an activity together.” Principal Joe Jelinek wrote, “However, the number one priority is always the safety and welfare of our students at Lodi High School.”

Lodi High School remains hopeful that its students will not engage in any illegal activity, yet the school is prepared to take action if any students violate the law. So far, students have been fairly out of trouble, and the school hopes for that lawful behavior to continue. To wrap it up, Fear is an outlet for students in need of some fun and competition; it’s an annual tradition that isn’t planning on ending any time soon.

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