Spring Into Sports Season


Picture by Audrey Parpart

Olivia Tirrel, Reporter

As spring comes around, not only do the flowers bloom, but also new players come into the spotlight. It is important to support the new sports that come as the seasons change. This spring, we see the Lodi softball, baseball, girls soccer, golf, and track and field teams start to kick off their seasons. Each year brings new players and showcases the growth of former players. Coaches, team captains, and seniors are among those who notice these changes. We asked seniors and team captains a variety of questions based on how the team and season are progressing and what they hope to achieve.

Picture by Audrey Parpart

The green turf beneath their feet and the sound of the soccer ball gliding across the field create an atmosphere fit for an exciting soccer game. A shout out goes to our seniors on the girls soccer team: Kaelyn Tatro, Caroline Karls, Abby Haas, and Rachel Winters.

When asked about the team’s progress this season, Rachel Winters said, “I think the teams are coming along great so far. We have a nice bunch of incoming freshmen and new players, which can be difficult in a team sport like soccer where understanding each other’s style of play is really important.” 

Additionally, they have been performing well in their games so far and anticipate further improvement throughout the season. Rachel provided a preview for this season: “I think the school should know that this year’s team is coming out strong and hungry for some victories.”

This season’s baseball team is off to a good start. “We’ve had four games so far and were 3-1, so playing pretty well,” said Mason Lane, one of the captains of the baseball team. Lodi’s baseball seniors are Owen Breunig, Keegan Fleishman, and Bennet Rasmussen.

When asked about the team’s goals for the season, Mason replied, “We definitely want to win the conference and go as far as we can in the playoffs.” As students, let’s go and cheer on the baseball team to motivate them toward reaching their goal of making it to the playoffs.

Running from base to base with the stadium lights shining on them and already starting off the season with a win against Lake Mills, this year’s softball team gears up for a new season. When asked how the season is going so far, Mackenzie Christofferson said, “So far, I believe the team is coming along great. From day one to now, we have improved a lot and are settling in well. We are starting to turn the softball program around, and we are excited to show it.”

Credit to Audrey Parpart

Senior Taylor Thayer said, “I think the teams are doing really well, and we all get along with each other. The girls know how to have fun, but we also know how to work together as a team.”

This season’s seniors include Sam Edge, Mackenzie, and Taylor. One common goal they have for this season is to have a longer conference-winning streak and the possibility of making it to the playoffs.

Taylor also wants to bring attention to the softball team’s work with the youth softball groups. “We work a lot with the young girls, helping them learn and improve, and we also get to know them. Next Saturday (4/22), we’re signing posters for them, so we definitely do a lot with the younger girls to help them get better and to build a relationship with them.”

Golf is off to a strong start, according to Nick Hoffman, one of the seniors from the golf team, along with Brooke Bacon. When asked about what he hopes to see from the golf players this season, Nick said, “Individually, everyone in golf has different goals, whether it’s scoring lower or beating a different team. One thing we have done well is being able to score low as a team.”

When signing up for a sport, you might not know everything that it entails. Nick thinks the school should know that “if you join the golf team, it doesn’t mean you have to participate in tournaments. You can join the golf team just to play a round of golf with friends after school for free. If you feel the desire to play in a tournament, then you can participate in some qualifying rounds.”

Whether it’s on the track, in field events, or in throwing, track and field is made up of one big, happy, and diverse family. This year’s track and field seniors are Lily Strong, Lexi Meek, Lilly Callahan, Brody Roessler, and Paul Lins.

When asked what the rest of the school should know about track, Lily replied, “I think the other kids at school should know that we are a very tight and loving group. I think everyone should try track at least in their freshman year because it’s so laid back, and there are various events to choose from.” Track offers a wide range of events, each with its own similarities or differences compared to others, allowing athletes to find their niche. A track tradition in Lodi is gathering on the side of the track to cheer on the participants of the 4×4 relay, which is a great opportunity for team bonding.

“Anyone can do it if they put their mind to it,” according to Lily. It is a feasible option that other athletes or students should consider.

In conclusion, each season brings forth new teams with new players and the absence of others. Building these teams and fostering bonds with each one requires a lot of work. Let’s support these teams and witness them dominate the field this spring. Support your local Lodi sports department.