Taken from Wikimedia Commons

Talan Tamura, Reporter

As you may be aware, Advisory was initially scheduled at the beginning of the school day this year, but recently it has been moved to the end of the day. This change has sparked a significant question: What do people think about Advisory now? Let’s hear from students and teachers to gather their perspectives.

First, social studies teacher Mr. Fassbender believes that Advisory is a positive element. He shared his thoughts, saying, “I still feel discussing these issues is very important, but I feel we could have done a better job of explaining to the students at the beginning of the year WHY we were having Advisory and what was our purpose for having these lessons. Also, I feel we could have had fewer advisory lessons and made sure they were really tailored to our students’ needs.” While opinions on this matter may differ, that’s a good reason why Advisory is a positive thing.

On the other hand, students seem to harbor animosity towards Advisory. Junior Noah Winter expressed his views by stating, “As for new students, I have witnessed them integrate just fine without our advisory block. I’ve talked to several new students, and all of them said that the Advisory did not help them and believe it is an inconvenience. The lessons and videos we watch on interpreting other people’s feelings are something that elementary kids learn from their teachers, parents, or other adult figures.”

Considering these viewpoints, it becomes evident that opinions on Advisory periods can vary.