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Dakota Pierquet is currently a junior at Lodi High School. This is her first year in the Writing for Publication class. She has designed a few pages in the yearbook and has written newspaper articles

Kai is currently a junior at Lodi High School. This is their first year on staff.

Amelia Clark is a junior at Lodi High School. This is her first year writing for the school newspaper.

Arrow Schilling
Arrow Schilling
Broadcast Editor

Arrow Schilling is currently a junior at LHS. She joined the publications staff her freshman year and is currently the editor of the broadcast. Arrow plans to continue her path of journalism for the rest...

Tee Time

Photo taken from Creative Commons, shared via IconScout
Photo taken from Creative Commons, shared via IconScout

What’s the connection between buzzer beaters and buffalo wings? More than you might expect. Seniors Josh Klann and Mason Lane have crafted the “Three Putt Podcast,” a unique blend of sports commentary, personal stories, and a weekly drink review. Originally a lighthearted venture on YouTube, it has since expanded to TikTok and Instagram, capturing the attention of sports enthusiasts and social media users.

The podcast’s name was inspired by their love for golf, and they are said to be notorious for three-putting on the green.

Most of the topics these guys talk about have some order to them, but they are all just pretty random and a way to have fun. One topic talked about is a weekly drink review, where they go out and buy three different flavors of the same drink to try out. One of the fan favorites is Fresca, a citrus-flavored soft drink created by Coca-Cola.

While the “Three Put Podcast” discussions may seem varied and unstructured, there’s a method to their madness. As Josh put it, “We have a loose order to our topics, but we’re mostly here to have a good time and goof around.” This playful approach to their content is a key part of making the podcast enjoyable for their listeners.

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Most podcasts have guest speakers, but the “Three Putt Podcast” has one special guest each week. They mainly do this to spice up the podcast by bringing in their friends to discuss sports. Their list of guests continues to grow almost every week, including students like seniors Henry Koeppen and Brady Puls.

The podcast goes through many adventures in the hour-long videos.

As the final seconds tick down on another lively episode of the “Three Putt Podcast,” it’s clear that the connection between buzzer beaters and buffalo wings is about more than just the thrill of the game; it’s about the camaraderie and the shared experiences that bring people together. From their notorious golfing mishaps to the effervescent fizz of a Fresca taste test, Klann and Lane have created a space where sports fans can unwind and be part of a community that celebrates both the wins and the epic three-putts of life. With an ever-growing roster of guests and their spontaneous adventures, “Three Putt Podcast” proves that sometimes the most memorable stories are found not in the scorecards but in the laughter and tales shared between friends. As the podcast continues to expand its reach, one thing is sure: whether you’re a sports enthusiast or just here for the banter, there’s a seat at the table—and a wing on the plate—for everyone.

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Addison Woolley, Social Media Manager
Addison Woolley is a junior at Lodi High School for the 2023-24 school year. She has been a part of the publications class for two years and plans on continuing until she graduates. She is currently working with the broadcast and hopes to build up the social media team.