Fresh Faces, Fresh Opinions


Brett Nesbit, Reporter

While the school year has begun, and students have become familiar with their classes and settled in, I decided to ask some freshmen about their experiences so far.

I asked them about their favorite teachers, memorable moments, their initial thoughts coming into high school, and how they feel now after being here for a while.

When asked about what they were excited or nervous about regarding high school, one student, Garrett, responded, “Wrestling,” which is understandable as trying a sport at the high school level can be nerve-wracking. Other responses included “passing the classes” and “wanting the year to end.” It’s clear that some freshmen are feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension due to the challenges and new experiences high school brings.

As for their favorite subjects, responses varied. One student mentioned, “Manufacturing because I like the teacher and what he has to offer.” Another student enjoys “Art because Mrs. Robarge is a good teacher and makes things easy.”

Transitioning from middle school to high school can be challenging for some students, but when I asked a few freshmen about it, they all said it wasn’t hard for them. It seems that most students are currently adapting well to the changes and demands of high school. Among the favorite teachers mentioned by freshmen, Mr. Licht and Mrs. Robarge stood out because of their kindness and how they create an environment conducive to student success.

Understanding how freshmen are doing is important as it reflects how well we are welcoming new students into the school community. It also helps identify areas for improvement to enhance student experiences and foster positive relationships between teachers and students.