Inside the Creative Minds of Lodi High School


Picture Credits: Audrey Pierce

Audrey Pierce, Reporter

Being restrained from reaching one’s fullest creative potential is something that is common and not discussed as much as it should be. Luckily, Lodi High School offers a solution to counteract this societal problem. In this school, a creative writing class is offered to any student eager to explore their writing skills in an expressive manner. From poetry to short stories, blank verse to stream-of-consciousness writing, this class has it all! It’s a space where students can bring their imaginations to life.

Mrs. Jelinek, the teacher of this class, has nothing but positive remarks about the creative writing adventure. “We wanted to provide more choices for the students. Personally, I enjoy writing, planning creative activities, and observing the students’ work. Witnessing their creativity and the process that leads to finished pieces is enjoyable. As someone who writes well, I can appreciate the process.”

The class encourages authenticity and discovering one’s unique writing style. For those considering joining, Mrs. Jelinek reassures them, saying, “You don’t have to worry about whether you are a good writer or not; it is about effort and growth. You have to end up with a portfolio of work and show improvement. That is all I ask. And nobody judges your work. We try to give constructive feedback, but there is still support.

With wonderful support from the teacher and students, it tends to make the people in the class thrive and become stronger writers. Sophomore Sophie Lincoln described the class as challenging “in the best way” and “overall, I really love it. I love the teacher. I love the freedom we get, and I am able to express myself with direction.”

The class is open to students of all ages and can be taken more than once. Every student interviewed expressed their desire to retake the class due to the independence, creativity, and inspiration they gain as soon as they step through the door. It’s a neurologically stimulating experience, and the adventures that await in room 1112 are boundless.