Red Carpet Ready


Taken from Wikimedia Commons

Abby Volk, Reporter

This year’s junior prom court consists of Kogen Baron and Gabby Guethlein, Anna Florin and Tyler Hellenbrand, Quetzal Peterson and Blake Meier, Anna Stratton and Skyler Rose, Allison Gray and Jayce Kolinski, Brooke Endres and Evan Clary, Tommy Lund and Morgan Paulson, Lauren Burros and Brady Puls, and Taysha Lowrey and Anna Kittleson. Ms. Ashbeck, a prom advisor, and two juniors, Allison Gray and Tommy Lund, were asked some questions about prom. 

When asked about their preparations, Allison mentioned getting her nails done, while Tommy humorously admitted to being a “control freak so I’ve been micromanaging to make sure everything is perfect!” When asked what they are most excited for, Allison expressed enthusiasm for “getting ready with my friends,” while Tommy looked forward to witnessing the transformation of the commons into an old Hollywood dream, believing “it is going to be really good.” Finally, Tommy and Allison were asked how long they think it will take them to get ready. Tommy said, “idk depends on how I’m feeling that day,” and Allison said it usually takes her about three hours. 

Ms. Ashbeck shared that prom at Lodi is quite similar to prom at her former high school, with the only difference being the dress sizes, as “the poofier the dress was, the better!” Her favorite aspect of being a prom advisor is “helping students plan their perfect night,” and she loves to decorate. Finally, Ms. Ashbeck was most excited to see how all the decorations would come together at prom, anticipating that it would be the best one yet!