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Lipstick and Liability: How Young Shoppers Are Stirring Sephora’s Pot

Image from Creative Commons

Drunk Elephant, Rare Beauty, and Dior lip oils. All recently popularized makeup brands can be found in an equally popular store, Sephora. Recently, there has been a massive outbreak of 10-year-olds taking their mom’s credit cards and going to random sections in the store—destroying, stealing, and smearing samples on the ground. But what do other people think about this matter? Is it just a trend, or is it something more serious?

It’s no secret that many younger kids look to the media and see older, adult influencers wearing makeup. Noting that this makeup is in reasonable quantities, this isn’t the Jeffree Star epidemic that our generation went through. A sixth grader Kinsie Crane is a fan of makeup but would “never buy Drunk Elephant.”

“My friends and I really like makeup, and we make music videos. But we would never buy Drunk Elephant or Rare Beauty stuff, because it is way too expensive,” said Crane.

Sephora kids are also currently terrorizing the staff and workers at Sephora. In the West Towne location, an employee who wished to remain anonymous stated that there has been a recent boom in the number of young kids visiting the store.

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“Yeah, I’ve just seen so many kids come in and absolutely trash our displays of almost every product. I’ve been working in this store for around a year, and I’ve never seen anything like this. They also like to steal samples, and we have even caught a kid trying to steal a small Maybelline lip liner. She said that it wasn’t her fault that we were leaving free samples out to take. Because of this, we can’t leave out many samples anymore, and it’s just annoying,” said the employee.

Many high school students have younger siblings that may fit the stereotype of a Sephora kid. However, some students have younger siblings that aren’t under this stereotype, and they have no particular opinion, such as Blake Simpson.

“I’m not on social media very much, and I don’t really care about the topic of Sephora drama. I think that people should just be allowed to do what they want as long as they are not being destructive,” said Simpson.

Sephora staff are at their wits’ end, dodging tiny kids left and right. The theft of a Maybelline lip liner might not seem like headline news, but it does point to a sample-sized problem. The store’s new motto? “Sample at your own risk.”

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Sasha Rudnytsky
Sasha Rudnytsky, Newspaper Editor
Sasha Rudnytsky is a junior at Lodi High School and is Editor-in-Chief for the newspaper. Although mainly focusing on work with the newspaper, she has been featured in different broadcast segments. Sasha also contributes to help with yearbook spreads and creative ideas for all publications.