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NFL Season Previews


Football is a primal exciting sport. It is very important for Wisconsinites because it shows sportsmanship.

When asked his thoughts about the Packers and Jordan Love,  junior Brett Nesbit had a few things to say.

“I don’t think they’re gonna do that well, just because Jordan Love hasn’t really played much. I feel like it’s going to be more of a rebuilding season for the Packers. Jordan Love is still a rookie, and there’s not much that’s going to happen for him,” said Nesbit.

Junior Tyler Ripp was asked his thoughts about Jordan Love.

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“I mean, he’s the only person we got. He’s like he’s all right, I guess,” said Ripp.

The Packer quarterback Jordan Love’s stats for the first three games in the 23-24 season: he has 655 passing yards with 7 touchdown passes and 1 interception. He is tied for 6th place with a quarterback rating of 69.2. QB rating means the metric takes into account all of a quarterback’s contributions to a game, including passing, rushing, sacks, penalties, touchdowns, and turnovers.

Social studies teacher Kelsie Barlow shared her predictions for the NFC North division.

“I think that the Vikings will probably get the top spot. And then I think it will be a close race between the Packers, Bears, and Lions. I think they’re all strong teams this season,” Barlow said.

The NFC North division had a combined 21 championships before the Super Bowl even started. The Packers and Bears are the longest rivals in the whole NFL, with 207 games played. The Packers have won most of the games with a record of 106 wins, 95 losses, and six ties.

Junior Hayden Tadysak’s favorite team was no surprise: “The Green Bay Packers because I live in Wisconsin.”

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Keyton Lord is a junior at Lodi High School. This is his first year taking this class.