What We Find in Our Lockers


Photo via Creative Commons

Arrow Schilling, Reporter

People manage to find sticky notes, water bottles, and even actual plants in places meant for our school supplies and backpacks. It’s going to be a hit or miss when you leave your locker unlocked. Although it’s been advised against, many students treat their friends’ lockers as mailboxes. Sophomore Bentley Smith is constantly receiving little trinkets in his locker: “It’s fun and really lightens up my day.” Smith stated that he’s been gifted with fuzzy worms, little paintings, and sticky notes with little messages on them.

 It’s all in good fun although there can be some unexpected downsides. According to Smith, “It’s good to know people have opinions, especially about my mother.” When asked to specify, Smith had to say, “I once got a note from Connor Reginald Skrum asking to take my mother on a date to which I politely declined.” Another example where Bentley found some less-than-pleasing things was when he stated that he finds weird fruits placed in his locker. 

When asked for other opinions on the matter. it showed that the locker presents are mainly happening in the sophomore section. “I think we might have used to do that when we were freshmen,” senior Claire Morgan said. Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the lockers were out of use for a few years, making locker presents completely abandoned. But now with presents appearing in more lockers, students have been looking around for random items to put in their friend’s lockers. As long as nothing gets out of hand, students are happy with giving and being gifted with items to create stronger bonds and lift moods.