VAC’ya in the Spring

Credit to Wisconsin Art Education Association

Credit to Wisconsin Art Education Association

Olivia Tirrel, Reporter

Pencils to paper, paint to a canvas, or the hands of a sculptor to clay, are all types of tools for different artists. A select group of artists from our local Lodi High School are getting ready for this year’s Visual Arts Classic competition, otherwise known as VAC. Over the winter months, the student artists will work on their long-term projects that will be judged at regionals. There are a variety of different prompt categories, for example Digital Art, Painting, Drawing, and Ceramics to name just a few. Each project has a specific prompt and guidelines, and each year there is a different overall theme for all of the projects.

Later when spring rolls around, the artists will travel to the place of the competition and create an onsite project that will be judged later that day. The Lodi VAC team consists of a variety of artists in different grades ranging from freshmen to seniors. The Lodi VAC team has been organized by Mrs. Robarge since 2012. When asked what her favorite part of VAC was, she responded, “It gives students a chance to really show off their talent and gives them a creative outlet outside of class. To see students’ pride when they achieve accolades for their work is the best part for sure.”

When asked what she thinks our VAC team’s greatest accomplishments are, she said, “We have placed in the top three every year at Regionals. We placed first overall at Regionals in 2020 and came in 2nd overall at State shortly after. Some other great accomplishments are that Michelle McMahon and Dylan Harpold won the Viewer’s Choice for their events in 2018 and 2020. Last year we had two freshmen–Mayah Bonafield and Olivia Tirrel–step in last minute as alternates who came out with successful works.”

Each year as the senior artists graduate, it leaves room for new members to join the team. This year the team consists of Camila Becerril, Mayah Bonafield, Kenneth Chytracek, Audrey Dallman, Adrianna Gonzalez, Hannah Johnson, Whitnee Parsons, Scarlett Reppen, Grace Schilling, Ember Schmidt, Olivia Tirrel, and Damien Wipperfurth.

Sophomore Maya Bonafield has one year of experience and is now in her second year. She said, “I am super excited for this season! I have a good feeling about VAC this year.”

It can be hard for a person to find their muse when they work in the fine arts, and each person pulls inspiration from different places in their own way. When asked what inspires her the most, Maya Bonafield replied, “Music is my biggest inspiration. I honestly don’t think I could create my work without listening to a good playlist.”

When winter starts, the water may freeze, but the VAC team’s creativity is still flowing. May the team members’ ideas flow and creativity run wild as they go to compete in the Visual Arts Classic regionals and hopefully bring home a glorious victory and head to state.