I’m Game, What Store?

Maria Bass, Reporter

Last month, I went to four game stores in the Madison area. It was a great time, and I thought I would rank them for you. What are game stores, though? It’s pretty self-explanatory; they’re stores where you can buy games and game-related things. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on the stores I went to, in order from worst to best.


  1. I’m Board Games, 6917 University Ave, Middleton

About on the same level as Pegasus Games, but I’m Board is a little more cramped and definitely smaller.


  1. Pegasus games, 6640 Odana Rd, Madison

One of the smaller stores on this list, they have a decent selection of all sorts of things. Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with anything, but it is still a good option to go buy things.


  1. Mox Mania, 410 D’onofrio Dr, Madison

A much larger store overall and a larger selection, too. They have everything from board games to puzzles to dice. A huge amount of D&D, Warhammer, and Magic the Gathering paraphernalia. If you want it, it’s more than likely you can find it here, and if you can’t, they probably have it in the back. 


  1. Noble Knight Games 2835 Commerce Park Dr, Fitchburg

A sprawling landscape of everything you could possibly think of combined with a website showing all their stock. If you go here, you’ll probably find something you didn’t even know you wanted. The store itself is by far the biggest on the list and definitely the one I recommend going to the most.