New Year, New Things! Here’s What To Look Forward To


Photo via Creative Commons

Maddie Griffis, Editor

I think we can all agree that the New Year is obviously the time for new beginnings, and with that, there are a lot of new things to look forward to! So here’s my list of some things everyone should keep an eye out for in 2023.

Starting off on a high note, Rihanna will be this year’s Super Bowl halftime show entertainer. Wowza. It’s been seven years since she released her last album, but she will serenade us again just next month. I asked some students how they felt about this, and Anna Ladwig said, “Rihanna’s halftime show is literally the only reason I’m watching the Super Bowl.” I’m sure she isn’t alone with that statement.

Next off, we are so very much looking forward to Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, which is going to hit the big screens in the summer, starring the amazing Margot Robbie and also Ryan Gosling as Ken. I know I’m not alone when I say that you cannot change my mind that this will be a great movie. Brody Roessler himself even stated, “The Barbie movie is gonna slap, not gonna lie.” Facts, Brody. Facts.

For all my Swifties, Taylor’s tour, that’s it. There is no need to comment further on the impact this will have on the world in 2023. We can already see the never-ending Instagram threads now.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand this year, too. Those two countries are always a win. Just next month, the world’s greatest female soccer athletes will compete to bring their countries home a title!

Continuing on with sports, the MLB will be introducing a set of new rules, including a pitch clock that is said to hopefully reduce the time it takes to play a nine-inning game. Does this mean that Angel Hernandez will do any better this season? Probably not, but one (or millions) can always hope.

There will also be a solar eclipse on October 14. It will be able to be seen throughout parts of North and South America, so be sure to get some outside time that day!

Something I personally am looking forward to is the upcoming new season of the Disney Plus series The Mandalorian. We left off last season with a cliffhanger and some cameos in The Book of Boba Fett and Kenobi. So now, I’m sure we are all dying to see where Mando and Grogu’s stories will take us in the galaxy this year.

Another beloved classic TV show, That ’70s Show, is getting its very own Netflix spinoff show called That ’90s Show. Following the stories of the kids of characters we know and love, fans all around the world are eager to see how it follows in the footsteps of its predecessor.

This is only a short list of things to look forward to this year, but I’m sure that we have our own personal landmarks in the upcoming twelve months. Seniors, we’re graduating! Juniors, you’re taking our place! But outside of school, too, there really are so many good things coming our way; we just have to be patient. So, with that being said, from myself and the rest of the newspaper staff, we wish you all an excellent 2023!