Advisory Period

Atlas Anderson, Reporter

During this school year, a new schedule has been implemented on the first day of the week. Homeroom has been moved from the end of the day to the period after the 10-minute snack break.

This change is different from last year’s normal intervention schedule, and opinions about it are mixed. Some students appreciate the chance to talk with friends and schedule their interventions for the week, and it allows them to speak with other teachers about their needs. Advisory is seen as a positive break from the school day, which many students welcome on Mondays.

However, not everyone is fully on board with the schedule change. Mr. Hauser, a teacher, expressed his preference for a consistent schedule every day to avoid confusion. Some students feel that the advisory period disrupts the momentum of the day, making it feel less productive.

For freshmen, the new schedule is not a big adjustment, as they haven’t experienced the previous system. Opinions among them vary, with some suggesting a different time for homeroom, either at the beginning or end of the day.

During the advisory period, teachers cover SEL or Xello lessons with their homeroom class, aiming to introduce social concepts and future career plans to students. However, some students find these lessons unnecessary and unenjoyable.

Despite the mixed feedback, the school will continue with the advisory schedule and maintain Xello and SEL lessons. While it offers a break during the day, some students still disagree with this new change.