The Importance of World Kindness


Raffles Place Park in Singapore celebrates World Kindness Day.

Jadyn Hellenbrand , Reporter

Kindness Day was on November 13th. But why does it matter? What is it?

Multiple countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the U.A.E, established Kindness Day in 1998. This was around the same time the World Kindness Movement took place, in which people pledged to build a kinder and better world. This day celebrates good deeds in a community and focuses on the idea that kindness brings everybody together. Countries held concerts and street dance parties, hoping people would notice and practice empathy.

Although Kindness Day was created over 20 years ago, being kind has been essential for social survival for much longer. Sophomore Addison Woolley believes that kindness is vital every day rather than just on its national holiday. “Doing at least one kind thing can change people’s days because you never know how they feel.” She points out that nobody truly knows how a person around them is feeling, and a simple smile can make someone’s day light up.

Addison also gave suggestions for incorporating kindness into a daily lifestyle, such as: “A simple compliment, holding the door for somebody, helping someone carry things when their hands are a little too full, helping a classmate understand a question on their homework assignment or a simple smile will do just fine.”

Here are three steps we all can try to follow to celebrate Kindness Day:
1. Start with three random acts of kindness, such as helping with chores, having a genuine conversation with somebody else, or maybe donating some old clothes to charities.
2. Giving loved ones hugs when they need it and when they don’t.
3. Then write a personal love letter. Compassion is not only about giving to others but also to yourself. Being kind to your mind and body is the key to a good mindset throughout the day and your life.

Even though Kindness Day was on November 13, it can still motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and do something kind for somebody.