Looking For Something New? Try This Trip Across the Blue

Jackson Coddington, Reporter

As the world becomes increasingly global, it becomes ever more important to understand, respect, and appreciate different cultures worldwide. On that note, Lodi High School provides a multitude of opportunities to participate in the new global landscape through foreign exchange trips and hosting opportunities. Some upcoming options include a trip to our sister city in Suphan Buri, Thailand in November and hosting opportunities for German students in May of 2023.

Unfortunately for aspiring world travelers, LHS is no longer accepting applications for trips to Thailand this November. However, the next trip to look forward to is to Germany in September 2023. The trip to Schwalmgymnasium (school) Schwalmstadt, Germany, which is just 1.5 hours from Frankfurt, will last for a duration of 3 weeks. For more information on trips to Thailand or Germany, contact Mr. Fassbender or Mrs. Gleiss.

Additionally, hosting opportunities for German foreign exchange students in May of 2023 are a great opportunity to make friends from the other side of the world. One person very familiar with hosting is former exchange host and Thai exchange coordinator Mr. Fassbender, who stated, “Hosting is a great opportunity. I have made several lifelong friends on my trips to Thailand.” To apply for hosting opportunities, contact the exchange coordinators for applications.