Fresh Faces, Fresh Opinions


Brett Nesbit, Reporter

While the school year has begun and students have become familiar with their classes and have settled in. I have decided to ask the freshmen some questions about the school year and how they are doing so far.

I asked some questions about who their favorite teachers were, what their favorite calls were, what their thoughts were coming into the high school, and their thoughts now after being in the high school for a while. 

One of the most fun answers was what was exciting/nervous about high school, Garrett’s response was “Wrestling,” which is understandable due to trying a sport at the high school level. Other responses included “passing the classes,” and “wanting the year to end.” They are not excited, to say the least probably because high school and harder work intimidate them. 

Another question was what is your favorite subject and why? Responses included 

“Manufacturing because I like the teacher and what he has to offer.” Another student answered, “Art because Mrs. Robarge was a good teacher and made things easy.”

One thing that many Freshmen struggle with early on is the transition from middle school to high school. There are a lot of factors, many of them include the workload, their amount of tolerance being lowered, and being more mature. Which proves difficult for the younger classes. I asked a few more Freshmen if the transition between middle and high school was hard and they all said no, so most students are not currently having a hard time. I also asked a few more students who their favorite teacher was, that way we could know who was more of the popular teachers among freshmen, and most of them said either Mr. Licht or Mrs. Robarge because they liked how nice and how easy they make their classes for student success.

It’s important to know how Freshmen are doing because it shows how well we are welcoming new students into the building. It also shows what could change to improve the betterment of the lives of students, and how their relationships with teachers and students should go.