Backpacks Be Gone


Photo via Creative Commons

Claire Morgan, Editor

LHS has been through a lot these past years with the COVID pandemic and with this being the first normal year since 2020. There has also been something new, a change in the rules for the students this year. The pandemic brought on the use of backpacks since we wanted to reduce the spread of the sickness. While students were opposed to the idea at first, they eventually warmed up to the idea.

Since the initial outbreak, they have changed it back, and students are getting used to using lockers again. Along with this, hats are now permitted for the student body to wear. The ‘no hats’ rule has been in place for a long time at LHS, so this is a big change for the student body.

Now let’s see how the students actually feel about it. Here is an opinion from a student from LHS: “I can’t carry my backpack, and I don’t like using lockers. I have to shove my stuff in there and then somehow make it to classes. Who the heck would rather wear a hat than carry a backpack?! Don’t get me wrong, hats are cool, but backpacks are better. The only thing I’m happy about is not hearing the teachers tell the boys to take their hats off every two seconds. “

Clearly, the decision doesn’t make everyone happy. Let’s hear from someone who likes this recent change. “I love it! I get to wear my hats and the teachers don’t tell me to take them off. I don’t really care about carrying my stuff around because I don’t bring anything to class anyway. It gives me an excuse to go to my locker and then just never come back. “

This recent change definitely has some benefits for select students at LHS. Since you’ve heard from both sides of the argument, this is your chance to make up your mind. Are cool-looking hats worth carrying pounds of schoolwork in your arms? Or do we keep our heads cold in order to save our tired arms? A decision that shouldn’t be made lightly, but it’s for you to decide.