Haunted Homecoming: A Success or Scare?


Abby Volk, Reporter

     The seniors and juniors tied for all of our homecoming activities this year. Senior Lilly Callahan and junior Jacobo Castillo Rosales each won a T-Rex race, the juniors won the tug of war, dodgeball, and best float. Seniors won best banner, t-shirt and powderpuff, the scores were 14-0 against the sophomores, and 7-0 against the juniors. Our homecoming court was TJ Mickelson and Lexi Meek, Claire Morgan and Colton Mefford, Brody Roessler and Anna Ladwig, Karley Sampson and Jaden Gallagher, Kaylie Lincoln and Caroline Karls, Emma Cahalane and Brooke Bacon, Jade Homewood and Lily Strong, and homecoming royalty was Ebony Ludeking and Erik Dachel.

     Homecoming advisor Mrs. Puls and three seniors, Ari Swadley, Jade Homewood, and Mae Collyard answered some questions. The theme for homecoming this year is Halloween which has been fairly controversial. Ari Swadley said “I love the theme, I love Halloween”, Jade Homewood said that she’s “not upset about it but it could’ve been worse” and Mae Collyard said “It is not my favorite because I think it is a little too early to celebrate.” 

     Mrs. Puls’ favorite part of being a homecoming advisor is “working with the senior class officers and seeing how their plans and visions come together for the float, banner, and dance.” When asked what she was looking forward to most, Mae said she was excited to see everyone dressed up, Jade said she was excited for the parade, and Ari said they were looking forward to seeing everyones costumes. 

     Mae was a Barbie Princess, Jade did something with Disney, and Ari was Little Red Riding Hood with Andy who was the wolf. Finally Mrs. Puls said that her dance was more formal compared to our homecoming, like prom, and her court had someone from every class and extracurricular. She added that they didn’t have a powderpuff football game, which she would have loved to participate in.