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Why So Few Pep Rallies and Spirit Weeks?


Homecoming’s Spirit Week and pep rally have been tremendous in LHS’s Homecoming Week. But one thing has caught the attention of some. There is only one of each. 

LHS started Spirit Week back during COVID-19 in place of homecoming.

As for what principal Joe Jelinek said, “So spirit week was something that we did in replacement of homecoming week when we did not have homecoming because of COVID. So the year that we started the year just online, we decided later on in the year to have a spirit week. And the Spirit Week is it was supposed to be kind of like homecoming, but we didn’t have as many activities.” 

As for back then, things have changed up to this point. Back then, pep rallies would happen more to support sports and the choir would also perform.

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Staff member Cathy Treinen said, “There were more pep rallies, and during those pep rallies, we would recognize sports teams especially if they were going to state. Also during pep rallies, the choir would perform for the school.”

Now the big question is, why are there so few of them? Well, the answer is nobody truly knows, but there are some theories as to why.

“I think sometimes I think staff thinks it’s a little bit too much of a distraction and too many things that are taken away from like their classes or intervention periods,” said Jelinek.

Even though we have only one pep rally, there is a chance that we could have more in the future of this school year. You might be asking how do you know.

Well, the answer lies here in this quote that Mr. Jelinek said: “I would be okay with it as long as like it was student-generated and if it’s something that students really wanted to do.”

As for students who want more, a person has spoken. “Would be better like if we did more of it?” was the question that was asked.

Transfer student from Italy, Ginni Longi said, “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.”

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