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Art Club

This is the display case for the art division

Everyone has heard about clubs at Lodi High School. One of the bigger clubs that people overlook and should consider join is a club called Art Club, run by the art teacher Whitney Robarge.

“Our club is basically a group of students who have an appreciation for our talent in the arts. And so we meet once or twice a month and usually make a small project or just catch up and hang out or talk about upcoming extracurricular events like shows, contests, or anything like that,” said Robarge.

There are many projects we do during the year, like, most recently, making baby shower art for fellow teacher Mrs. Hafet. Last year, the art club made chalk congratulations for the seniors at the end of the year. Even when covid was happening, we still had an art club, and it was one of the biggest classes.

Mrs. Robarge also discussed plans for the future to do more projects.

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“Take more field trips and more trips outside of the classroom. Freshmen or new people who aren’t joining in should absolutely consider that they can join any time of the year, and there’s no pressure to come to all of the gatherings; they can pick and choose as they go,” said Robarge.

Not that many people or freshmen think about joining until the later, but joining as soon as possible is the best thing to do. Trying it out is always great even if you don’t like it. Robarge also runs our school’s VAC (Visual Art Club). And other club- or art-related things, like helping the freshmen work on their homecoming posters and shirts. A lot of people’s favorite classes are run by Robarge. Some of her classes and projects in the Art Club. Some of her more popular classes are Art 1, Photography 1, Drawing, and Painting. In the past, we did painting projects where we all worked on painting, passed it around, and made a new project. We also did projects or just drawing contests.

If you are interested in art or hanging out around people that like art or learning how to do new projects, you should think about an art club or just try it out. There are many other clubs in Lodi High School, but this is one that people should think about or even look at Instagram to see all the art things we do in this school.

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Dylan Ness is a junior at LHS. He is a writer, reporter, and yearbook staff member. This is his first year taking this class.