End of School Reflections


Photo taken by Governor Tom Wolf shared via flickr

Jadyn Hellenbrand , Reporter

It’s April!! In less than 2 months, the school year will be over. With the final days coming up so soon, students are making their goals and starting to reflect on their progress and overall school year. When students were asked what those plans include, they responded with answers such as: “I want to pass all my classes and make sure my attendance stays good enough.” (Taysha Lowery, Grade 11) “I want to do well in Track because it’s a new sport for me. Also end with good grades. And to do well on my finals too.” (Olivia Tirrel, Grade 10) “I will probably be more involved in the community.” (Arrow Schilling, Grade 10)
Some reflections also travel through everyone’s brains as the school year concludes. This past school year has helped some people grow into themselves just a little more. When asked what the best thing of this year was, Olivia stated that she “Gained lots of confidence compared to the beginning of the year,” and feels like she’s really coming into her own. “I was new last year, and so I still had that new girl vibe. But now I feel like it’s washed away, and people know who I am.” Others, like Arrow, “Made lots of new friends.” This year was packed with new experiences for student, Taysha, who says the best thing of this year was the “privilege to be on prom court.”
While this year was full of great surprises, there are some things that people are hoping to change. Some help the total learning experience, like Addison Woolley’s suggestion to add “More games and projects instead of lectures.” She says that she learns better when being interactive. Other tips are more preference based such as Arrow wanting “People to stop getting buzz cuts and wanting everyone’s hair to grow back.” Overall, this year has been long but very eventful. There have been ups and downs, but it has all been worth it.