Inside The Creative Minds of Lodi High School


Picture Credits: Audrey Pierce

Audrey Pierce, Reporter

Being restrained from reaching one’s fullest creative potential is something that is common and not discussed as much as it should be. Luckily, Lodi High School offers something to counteract this ongoing societal issue. In this school, a creative writing class is offered to any student who is willing to explore their writing skills in an expressive way. Poetry, short stories, blank verse, stream-of-consciousness writing—it is all here! Anything that you can imagine yourself doing can be done in this class.

The teacher of this class, Mrs. Jelinek, has a lot of positive things to say about the adventure that is a creative writing class. “We just wanted to offer more choices for the students. I wanted to do this because I like to write! I like planning the creative activities, and I like seeing what the students write. Their creativity is fun to observe, as is the process that eventually turns into the finished products. Because I write well, I can appreciate the process.” This class is about being authentically you and finding out your very own writing style. If you are thinking about joining the class, Mrs. Jelinek would say,” You don’t have to worry about whether you are a good writer or not; it is about effort and growth. You have to end up with a portfolio of work and show improvement. That is all I ask. And nobody judges your work. We try to give constructive feedback, but there is still support.”

With wonderful support from the teacher and students, it tends to make the people in the class thrive and become stronger writers. Sophie Lincoln, a sophomore in Advanced Creative Writing, stated that the class is challenging “in the best way” and that “overall, I really love it. I love the teacher. I love the freedom we get, and I am able to express myself with direction.” The class is offered to all students of all age ranges and can be taken more than once. Every student I interviewed said that they would take the class again because of how much independence they receive, the creativity they gain, and the inspiration that hits them as soon as they step in the door. The class is neurologically stimulating, and you never know what great adventures are on the other side of room 1112.