New Brewers, Interesting Season

picture taken from creative commons

picture taken from creative commons

Brett Nesbit, Reporter

Baseball is back and better than ever. We finally return to America’s pastime, but this time there are a few changes that could dramatically affect teams and maybe change who rules the MLB. Who will win their divisions and ultimately the World Series?

With the 2023 season, there have been some rule changes, including a pitch clock, where the pitcher has 15 seconds to pitch or 20 if a runner is on base, and if the clock is violated, it is an automatic ball; 18-inch bases compared to the 15-inch bases for added safety rules and more offense; the pitcher is allowed only two pick-off moves, and if they do a third pick-off move, it’s considered a balk; and the runner is awarded a free base. So now that you know more about the new 2023 season rules, let’s discuss some predictions for the 2023 season and how it will pan out.

The 2022 season for the Brewers ended with them finishing 86-76 and just missing the playoffs. With most players leaving after that year, they had one Cy Young Award winner named Corbin Burnes, and the team earned multiple awards. The Brewers have the smallest budget in the league when it comes to salaries and players, limiting the amount of talent they are able to get, so the team has to work efficiently. The team does a great job, as on average we are better than 70% of teams in the MLB. With stats and other teams’ average records from previous seasons, my prediction would be either winning the division in a blowout or getting second and leaving the Cubs, Reds, Pirates, and Cubs in the dust.

Some other predictions would be third in the division with sophomore Ari Rasmussen, as he believes that “the Brewers are not playoff capable right now.” Sophomores Keyton Lord and Chase Stanek believe that they will finish second in the division, as Keyton said “I have faith in our rookies to carry the team.” The Brewers are a spectacular team, and I believe that they have insane potential in the next couple of years. I believe that a World Series is on the way.