New Brewers, Interesting Season

picture taken from creative commons

picture taken from creative commons

Brett Nesbit, Reporter

Baseball is back, and it’s better than ever as we return to America’s pastime. However, this season brings a few changes that could significantly impact teams and potentially reshape the landscape of the MLB. The burning question remains: Who will emerge victorious in their divisions and ultimately claim the World Series title?

The 2023 season introduces several rule changes. Among them is the implementation of a pitch clock, allowing pitchers 15 seconds to deliver the ball or 20 seconds if a runner is on base. Violating the clock results in an automatic ball. Additionally, the bases have been enlarged from 15 inches to 18 inches to enhance safety and promote offense. Pitchers are now limited to two pick-off moves, with a third move considered a balk, awarding the runner a free base. Now that you’re familiar with the new 2023 season rules, let’s delve into some predictions for the upcoming season.

The 2022 season for the Brewers ended with them finishing 86-76, narrowly missing the playoffs. Despite the departure of many players, they had one Cy Young Award winner in Corbin Burnes, and the team earned multiple awards. The Brewers operate with the smallest budget in the league in terms of salaries and players, limiting their access to top talent. However, they have managed to perform efficiently, ranking better than 70% of other MLB teams on average. With stats and other teams’ average records from previous seasons, my prediction would be either winning the division in a blowout or getting second and leaving the Cubs, Reds, Pirates, and Cubs in the dust.

Other predictions include a third-place finish in the division according to sophomore Ari Rasmussen, who believes “the Brewers are not playoff capable right now.” Sophomores Keyton Lord and Chase Stanek, on the other hand, foresee a second-place finish, as Keyton said, “I have faith in our rookies to carry the team.” The Brewers are a spectacular team, and I believe that they have insane potential in the next couple of years. I believe that a World Series is on the way.