Do You Feel Prepared For Your Future?


Photo Taken by Colton Mefford

Colton Mefford, Reporter

Do you ever wish that Lodi High School would offer different courses? Classes that prepare us for our future or classes that cater to our hobbies and interests. A variety of new classes can give us more options when we have to pick our classes every winter.

What classroom does Lodi have that is barely used and has fully functional equipment in it? Room 1408, is a room with ovens, counters, and cooking equipment. This room was meant for cooking classes and to give opportunities for students to learn how to cook so they are prepared for life after high school. Lodi High School junior, Walter Beld, explained that he wishes Lodi offered cooking classes. “Cooking classes, for sure, provide opportunities for kids to prepare for college life and make it so they can rely on themselves for good meals.” Many students after high school will not know how to cook nutritious meals for themselves and will resort to fast food and ramen. As Evan Kite said, “A lot of kids do not know how to cook, and they might have no other way of learning how to.” A bunch of students may not have other opportunities to learn how to cook besides school. This missed opportunity has a major impact on future young adults living in the Lodi Community.

In other ways, students would like to have something where they can dive deeper into a specific subject for their major. Kenny Chytracek, a Lodi High School senior, suggested that “AP science classes (like AP chemistry or AP physics) that are offered earlier are something that I wish we did have. Since then, it would offer a smoother transition from honors to AP for those who want a career in the sciences.” As well as what sophomore Grant Beyer said, “classes that build up your skill level for that certain career” will help prepare students for their inevitable future. Adding classes that take learning to the next level will give students the confidence to go to college or explore the trades. In this economy, many employers want skilled workers who have more than basic knowledge of the field they are going into, so having classes that explore these fields in greater detail will help Lodi’s students.

As expressed, students at Lodi High School think that having more classes will greatly benefit them. Having specific classes and classes like cooking will help students prepare for their future. This is why Lodi High School needs to consider adding more classes for their students.