These Shining Lives


Poster for show

Arrow Schilling, Reporter

The Radium Girls are coming to Lodi High School! These Shining Lives, a play written by Melanie Marnich, a story that’s set in the 1920s follows Catherine Donahue (played by Madison Griffis) and her rocky experience as a watch dial painter at the company Radium Dial. With the support of her friends and her husband, Tom Donahue (played by Bentley Smith), we see how a fight for workers’ rights is set into motion. With the opening nights coming on March 10, 11, and 12. The actors, actresses, and stage crew are working hard to guarantee a stirring performance!

 Taking a deeper look into production, Maddie Griffis, senior and lead role in the play, has stated that ”There aren’t as many props to work on compared to last year’s play, so we have more time to work on our lines and performance.” So with rehearsals running smoothly, it’s looking to be a rousing success! Getting a good look at our actors and actresses, senior Kenneth Chytracek, playing the role of the Radium Dial supervisor, Mr. Reed. When questioned about his role and how he gets into the mindset of his character, Chytracek responded saying “I basically just have an image of a real arrogant guy and then I just project it onto Mr. Reed.”

 It’s an astonishing performance from what has been seen from our cast members thus far. The story itself is beautiful yet sad, with many powerful moments throughout the story. The roles are played beautifully, such as Elaina Hatley playing the role of Catherine’s best friend, Charlotte Purcell, Miranda Risher playing the role of Frances O’Connell, and Ebony Ludeking playing the role of Pearl Payne. As well as other recurring roles being played by Kyle Hoffman and Mac Thony. Tickets are currently available, come by and watch the play! It truly is something else.