Things To Do in the Snow

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Jade Homewood, Editor

As winter is coming to an end we all need to enjoy the snow while it is still here. There are so many fun things we can do during this time. One thing Junior Grace Wetzel has done is ski. Skiing is a very popular activity, it’s a great workout working lots of the leg muscles and endurance. Grace said, “I only do these maybe once a month.” You can ski at a variety of places such as Devil’s Head, Tyrol Basin, and Cascade Mountain. 

Another thing you can do on the slopes is snowboarding, sledding, and tubing. Senior Emma Cahalen also skis and Tubes. She said, “I do these activities a couple of times over the winter.” A popular place to tube is Cascade Mountain. Sledding is a bit easier to do. All you have to do is grab a sled and find a hill with snow then go for it. 

Mrs. Barlow on the other hand is more of a snowshoer, “When we have a free weekend to go up north.” Snowshoeing is another great activity to do when there is powder on the ground. For the ice under the snow, many like to use that for ice skating.

You can go to The Ice Pond, Madison Ice Arena, and a couple of other places to skate. Emma said she has “ gone ice skating a couple times,” and one of her favorite things to do during the winter is “ice skate.”

In addition, you don’t have to be doing sports to enjoy the snow. You can also go to seasonal sporting events. During the winter hockey is in full swing along with basketball and the end of football. Games can be watched at home on the TV, out at restaurants, and you can go to them. Mrs. Barlow said, “This winter I have gone to a Madison Capitols hockey game, UW Men’s Basketball game. Now that the JV Mock Trial season is over, I’ll start going to more sporting events.”

Food and drinks is another important thing to enjoy during the season. Hot chocolate, hot tea, hot apple cider, and many other traditional winter drinks are mainly only enjoyed in the cold. The days with low temperatures are optimal for enjoying the warm drinks. An enjoyable food event is “fish fries,” said Mrs. Barlow, who goes to them “every other week.” You can also fully enjoy a good hearty soup or chili while it’s still cold. You can go out to get these food items or try to make them at home. 

All of these events you can go by yourself or with friends and family. It’s important to enjoy the little thing so go enjoy the good parts of winter while you still can.