The Delicious Part of Thanksgiving


Photo from Creative Commons and Flickr

Jade Homewood, Editor

Thanksgiving has many great traditions, one of them being a large meal with family and friends. This iconic popular meal consists of cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy, among other things. People do have a favorite food out of the list! Brody Roessler said, “sweet corn, it’s just good.” Another fan favorite is “ cheesy potatoes because potatoes and cheese are great!” exclaimed Katie Schilling. Mixing the foods together is also a great option. “Rolls and dairy-free butter because you can pair it with meat,” explained Mae Collyard. Another fantastic dish described by Bela Avila is “ mashed potatoes and gravy but, they have to be homemade.” All in all thanksgiving dishes are great but, they are even better when sharing them with loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving!