ESports: Smashing it Already

Jade Homewood, Editor

The eSports team just kicked off the season and the first practice turned out great! I interviewed the captain, Alce Alt who said “People had fun and lots of people got wins,” at the practice. With the smash bros tournament coming up, members are getting prepared for the competition. Alice also explained to me how the competitions are run. “Teammates play the game (smash bros) against each other at practice in order to prepare.” Competition wise Alice explained how “5 players will be on each team and there are two teams. People go one on one against players from the other team and the team that has the most players that won is the winner.” 

The members have great skills in gaming. When I asked Alice, Alana, and Oscer who they thought would hold the most wins at the end of the season they were confident that Alice and Landen will hold the most wins. “ Alice had the most wins last year so I think they will again, or Landen, I think they will do well in the playoffs, we have a good team,” stated Alana when I asked her who she thought would win and if the team would do well in the playoffs. Oscer said “Alice since they are the team captain,” after I asked who they thought would hold the most wins. 

The team just started up last year. They did not win in the playoffs but they are confident in their abilities for this year. With the team already having good games at practice they are on the right track!