Transfer Students Thoughts

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Talan Tamura , Reporter

As a transfer student I have thoughts that usually never get out about this school when it comes to how big it is to how kind the people are, and as I thought about it, I realized that other students that have been transferred might have thoughts to get out as well. Let’s take Kyle Vang for example. A formal sophomore student here in Lodi High that was transferred here in September from Sheboygan South High. One difference that he stated was, “More people I guess here, it’s a bigger school.” In some circumstances it can be a scary change for some students, but it can also be a good change as well. 

Next on the list is Joshua Xiong. A formal junior student in Lodi that came from Madison West High with a difference of 1,684 for the amount of students. Although Madison West is a bigger school in amount of students and size, but one thing that Joshua said was, “It’s smaller that’s one of them it’s also like more hands on…” When it comes to smaller schools they can be more coordinated with each other than bigger schools. For example Back down in Summit High the school is way bigger compared to here, and my old school, Summit, was very uncoordinated and the community was very toxic. Then, when you look towards Lodi the community is better, and is more coordinated.