Winter Formal


Photo taken by Shelby Ripp

Abby Volk, Reporter

  This year, Lodi High Schools’ Leadership Council brought back our winter formal. The last time our school had this formal was February of 2020. The people who led the group that organized winter formal are Gracie Burkholder, Anna Stratton, and Brook Endres, so shout out to them for organizing this fun event for LHS students! 

  Senior Claire Morgan went to the dance this year, and senior Emma Cahalane went to winter formal her freshman year and this year. They both had great things to say about the dance. Claire said that the best part of the dance to her was the fact that not a lot of people were there because “no one was judging and you could dance however you wanted.” Emma said the best part was “dancing and having fun with my friends.” They both recommend going to the dance next year, and Claire said that “it was just as fun as our usual dances (like homecoming or prom) but was more casual.” Emma said that she wished more people were at the dance, so next year people should be sure to come!