Hello Spring! Things To Do This Upcoming Season!

Photo from Free SVG

Photo from Free SVG

Maddie Griffis, Reporter

We may have kicked off February with a groundhog predicting six more weeks of winter, but it seems like we’re all starting to feel the effects of winter passing and spring making its return. I know many of us (including myself) are looking forward to the upcoming warmer months and the beautiful Wisconsin summer. So, with that in mind, here are some activities you should consider for this spring!



Even if you don’t have a green thumb like Mr. Anderson, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to grow some greens. Many plants and vegetables can thrive with just a little care, especially if you plant them outside. Let the rain water your leaf babies and the sun provide them with the much-needed Vitamin D! If you want to add to your kitchen, consider growing honeydew melons or cucumbers. And if you’re looking to add some color to your garden, try planting daisies or petunias. They’re low maintenance and will keep your house looking god all spring and summer!


Go dancing in the rain!

On a warm spring day, one of my favorite things to do is dance, walk, or run in the rain. Take a load off by not worrying about trying to stay dry. Get soaked! Grab some water balloons! Take that waterproof speaker outside and let go of all the things you have on your mind. We’re still young, so embrace it and have some fun. Afterward, change into warm clothes and relax for the rest of the day.


Have a picnic at a park or by the Capitol! 

Nothing is better than food and sunshine, so why not combine the two? A picnic is such a good way to get some fresh air without having to do too much. Just grab some crackers and cut-up fruit, and you’re good to go! Take some friends with you and spend the afternoon people-watching, taking pictures, or just having some good ol’ conversations! (Bonus: Walk around State Street when you’re done!)


Take a hike!

We’ve already established that getting fresh air is AWESOME, but adding some healthy activity in there is even better! Hiking is a great way to stay healthy while enjoying that beautiful Wisconsin nature. You could go to the old reliable Ice Age Trail or try somewhere new. If you want to add another sense of adventure, do a waterfall hike! Most require you to get your feet wet, and it’s such a fun way to explore. Collect rocks, catch frogs (with lots of hand sanitizer and find a sink afterward, of course), or even climb some trees. Reconnect with nature and grab those hiking boots!


Shop at the farmer’s market!

Going to the farmer’s market is such a great way to support small businesses and farmers along with a source of some healthy dinner options. With hundreds of options when it comes to fresh produce, farmer’s markets are some of the healthiest and most enjoyable ways to eat better! Interact with vendors and hunt for good deals while you’re there. There are also bound to be some types of food trucks there, so at least go for the grub. 


Grab a coffee (or tea) at an outdoor cafe!

Speaking of supporting local businesses, Madison has so many different cafes and bakeries that will let you enjoy your drinks outside. It’s a little classier (and easier on the knees) than sitting on the grass like a picnic, but is still a wonderful option when it comes to getting fresh air and some sunshine. Grabbing an iced latte or boba tea with friends and chatting on a patio is one of my favorite ways to spend summer!


Visit a farm and go see the baby animals!

With springtime comes new flowers AND new animals! Calves, fawns, puppies, and chicks galore! We obviously have plenty of farms around Lodi, and there will be plenty of new lives to be shared. Travel to a farm and go meet some of these little ones! Ski-Hi and Treinen Farms will for sure have some friends that need introducing. Go say hi! 


Sit on the porch and watch the lightning! 

This is without a doubt my absolute favorite way to spend time in the spring. I love nothing more than a good thunderstorm. My family and I will all sit on the porch and just watch the lightning strike while waiting for the thunder and listening to the rain. We always grab a blanket or two, turn off the lights, and sit there until the storm is over. It really is one of the most calming things in the world, and if you’ve never done it before, what are you waiting for!